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Exclusive, small group trips designed to explore the culture of Italy through food and art. Meet artisan food producers, see works of art still located in the places for which they were created, get to know the culture by participating in it.

Groups are small (around 12 people), we have private drivers for all ground transportation, accommodations are up-scale and comfortable, the food is really good.

Descriptions of upcoming programs are below. To request more information fill out this form then click on the red ball and we'll send all the details: 

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Where We're Going in 2024 
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2025 dates

We’ve planned a 10 day visit to the island of Sicily for a small group of 12 travelers. From bases in Palermo, Noto and sparkly Taormina experience

            Explore Sicily:
Layers of Art Food & Culture

the culture through art and food. We’ll visit food producers, major monuments and out of the way ancient sites. We’ll relax over amazing meals while getting a feel for the varied culture of one of the richest regions of Italy.

In the capital city of Palermo layers of time are palpable: shop in the riotous food markets choosing ingredients for cooking classes, see Byzantine mosaics, Renaissance paintings and ancient sculpture. Enjoy the heartwrenchingly beautiful landscapes and seascapes of western Sicily while out exploring evocative ancient Greek ruins.

From Noto visit the Baroque villages of the Southeast, spend an afternoon in Siracusa, learn why Aztec style chocolate is made in Modica, taste through the range of the most influential pastry chef in Italy (it’s not all sweets), visit a cheesemaker and learn about the traditional Sicilian lifestyle. 

In Taormina enjoy the atmosphere and views of the elegant town, visit the ancient and vibrant city of Catania and explore Mt. Etna, an active volcano with a long tradition of wine making. A tear shed by Dionysius nourished the first ever grapevine that grew from the mineral rich soil — Etna is at the moment the most renowned wine producing zone in the world.

Expect exclusive visits and guided tastings, amazing food and free time to explore.   

check out the itinerary          and request all the details and booking forms using the form above

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         You Can Come to Italy:

Art Food & Culture in Tuscany



of Florence. We’ll make day trips into Chianti Classico, into the Valdarno, over to the coast and into the Carmignano wine producing zone. Visit producers  of Tuscany’s classic foods and wines and see works of art by masters of Italian art that are still on view in the same spots for which they were originally commissioned. Discover the city of Florence, participate in art history tours, take time to do your own thing, hang out with Lorenzo and have a sunset aperitivo. We’ll relax over amazing meals while getting a feel for the culture of the different zones of Tuscany with a mix of casual restaurants, cooking lessons in our villa and a couple of suppers prepared by a private chef while you enjoy a cocktail poolside. Expect an exclusive small group tour with producer visits, guided tastings, major works of art in out-of-the-way places, traditional foods and free time to explore on your own. 

check out the itinerary          and request all the details and booking forms using the form above

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2025 dates

From a lovely restored villa in the countryside explore Tuscany from well-known wine producing zones to tiny, out-of-the-way villages and the city

8-14 Sept 2024
one spot left! 

Make a late summer visit to Puglia, the heel of Italy's boot. With a small group of 10 - 12 travelers we’ll make day trips from a base in a

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typical masseria / farmhouse in the area between Bari and Brindisi exploring from Bari down into the Salento, the tip of the heel of the boot. Experience life in the small villages of the interior and along the Adriatic sea, taste with artisan producers of Puglia’s food staples, visit the ponderous Norman cathedrals and ancient sites. Barivecchia (the original historic center of Bari) is the original mixed use concept: the Norman cathedral dedicated to the revered San Nicola shares the narrow lanes with garage fry shops, old fashioned bakeries, women making orecchiette and kids zipping by on their scooters. In the Valle d’Itria the countryside is animated with trulli, the characteristic domed stone farmhouses and an agricultural community of producers of wine, cheese, salame and spectacular olive oil. The Salento is noted for its centuries-old olive groves, Baroque architecture and a heartfelt sense of tradition that infiltrates every facet of life from music to feast days to the local pastry shop. Pugliese recipes reflect the influence of their particular heritage, the farming community and their proximity to the sea; we'll try them all in humble trattorie, the back room of a butcher shop and in more elegant, internationally known restaurants. 

check out the itinerary           and request all the details and booking forms using the form above


Could not ask for a better guide/friend in Italy. Your connections and knowledge are imeasurable. 

It was beyond all of our expectations. Thank you for such an over the top introduction to Tuscany.

The itinerary that you put together for the group was nothing but spectacular!  I especially enjoyed the balance between the culture, history and culinary tours and demos that you painstakingly put together. Also I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the variety of restaurants that you selected. Your efforts of combining Michelin rated restaurants with street vendors selling mystery meat gave everyone a true overview of the cuisine of southern Italy.

What a trip. Meraviglioso! Full of memories and fun. We know how hard you both worked to make this a success. And the group, who knew a Zen Buddist, a singer, a winemaker, and southerners could bond so well. BRAVO A TUTTI E DUE.

It was a wonderful trip and all of us learned so much about Sicilian cooking and way of life. Things we just did not know. You have such a variety of contacts that were so valuable in weaving together the interesting lifestyle of Sicily. We all have come away with a better understanding of that part of the world. Thank you for your guidance.

Elaine is so fun and knowledgeable to travel with! We enjoyed visiting all her local favorites, such a great way to travel!

We had a blast. The variety of stops and experiences were well thought out. The people we met, were unique and the "real deal". I never got the feeling they were big tourist sites. This was a trip I will never forget!!

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