historical research

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genealogy Performing original research in Italian archives and record repositories I can help you fill in your family tree, find your Italian relatives, see where your ancestors lived. I can coordinate ancestry travel and family reunions on site in Italy. Let me know your goals and I'll send a research proposal.

scholarly research I can act as research assistant on the ground in Italy for scholarly publications performing research and managing a team of scholars and translators as well as plan all aspects of on-site research trips.

citizenship requests I can locate and obtain the Italian documents necessary to make a request for citizenship and coordinate the collection of documents so as to prepare your request for presentation to the Italian consulate.


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My undergraduate and masters degrees taught me research skills, I am fluent in Italian and have a working knowledge of the Latin necessary for navigating old Italian documents. I have 20 years' experience helping clients with various kinds of archival research. 

professional reference

...Elaine speaks fluent Italian and is well versed in Italian genealogical research. I've been a professional genealogist for more than thirty years, and her research knowledge and skills are superb. Whenever I need research conducted in Italy, I always turn to her. She is dependable, trustworthy, conscientious, and diligent in tackling both simple and complex genealogical research problems. She is also an excellent writer, should you decide to want your research compiled into a finished product for your family. I would highly recommend her to trace your family history and feel confident you would be in good hands.
Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, MFA, CG


"Once again I was struck with the depth of your research and imagery you drew with your words in placing the family in the Tuscan mountains. I marvel at your skill in providing the right touch of information that creates the historical, social and geological context. I very much enjoy working with you..." 

"I had to send you a short note this morning and try to describe how much last week meant to me and my American and Italian family. Your knowledge of and passion for Italy and your extraordinary array of talents set the bar very high. I wanted  to tell you that this past week will forever be etched into our hearts and minds. "

"Unreal.  You should work for the agencies with 3 letters!  (don’t want to write them in case the NSA is tracking me!!!!!)"

"Wow! You are quite the detective!!  Who knew it would be so complicated."

"It's always like Christmas when I get an email from you , awesome!"

"Just wanted to say again thanks for all the help so far you have been amazing in this long search...a journey so far and full of surprises."