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Online virtual visits brought to you live from the kitchen of my fifteenth century farmhouse in Tuscany. Explore Italy through the art and food that is particular to each community.

Expect a quick visit to Italy with an art history talk and a demonstration cooking lesson. Recipes provided to all registrants.

Classes are offered for an offerta libera / donation in an amount of your choice. Donations make it possible for us to offer this series of virtual visits, they cover all the costs of creating content, producing programs and making videos available.

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recordings of online classes

Our video archive can be accessed clicking on the images below. Videos open in a Youtube window, once you're there please
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Your donations cover all costs of creating content, producing programs and making the videos available online for your viewing pleasure, please click above to participate.   

I just love your explanations of history, art and geography. You do a wonderful job…feels like I am peeking into small areas of Italy without traveling there. Until we can travel it is a wonderful alternative. 

I can’t tell you how much I have learned about the cultural history of Italy from your classes!! What a gift you have for making art and history come alive!

Your presentations are ALWAYS so interesting and informative. I come away with some new perspectives on topics I thought I knew pretty well. Thank you so much for your scholarship. 

I love how you're combining three of my favorite things art, travel, and food. Your knowledge is impressive.  It really made me want to visit Naples! 

Your insights and observations are really enlightening and help to create context for a more complete understanding of Italian art.

You do everything so methodically and neatly!  You handle the pasta dough just like my grandmother did. I love that! 

It was wonderful to see close to being there as possible!  You were your fun and informative self.  It was great.  You are so knowledgeable, and obviously love it, which makes it so special.

After the program, we both said (at the same time) "We have to go do an Elaine trip!"

love your kitchen elaine! wow! beautiful!!

We think you are great. A breath of fresh air and you have amassed quite a following from around the globe. A tribute to your knowledge of the subject matter, professionalism and your wonderful personality. 

We are just loving your sessions! Your attention to details and charming, personal observations are delightful.

       best compliment ever:

So much better than SEC football.

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