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pasta alla gricia 
aka alla Grisciano

serves 4-5-6 

depending on your appetite and what else you're serving


150 g (5 - 5.5 oz) guanciale sliced into very thick julienne

cured hog jowl, or use cured pancetta 

60 g (2 - 2.5 oz) grated sheep milk cheeses

salt and crushed black pepper

400 g (14 oz) short format pasta [paccheri, mezze maniche, calamarata, rigatoni, etc.]

Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 10.00.50 PM.png

Boil the pasta in salted, boiling water. Cook the sliced guanciale in just enough olive oil that it doesn't stick in the beginning until it forms bit of a crust and the fat is translucent. When the pasta is al dente lift it from the water adding it directly to the hot pan with the guanciale. Stir it together adding a bit of the pasta cooking water if necessary to create a little creamy coating, turn off the heat, stir in abundant grated cheese and freshly crushed black pepper and serve or transfer to a serving bowl immediately.  


pasta alla gricia is the mother of the Roman pasta trinity, add eggs and it becomes carbonara, add tomato and it becomes all'Amatriciana 

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